PT Pelita Cengkareng Paper established in 1974, The Company manufactures Kraft Liners, In Liner, Corrugating Medium, Chipboard and Duplex Semi Coated. The Company has grown to be one of the leading producers of industrial paper in Indonesia. We produce high quality industrial paper products using the latest and most modern technology and expert in the industry. Our primary input are derived from recycled paper to produce many of our products. However often pulp paper is used as secondary input to meet specialize needs in production such as Kraft Liner, White Kraft and Duplex Board.

Today, we operates four paper machines with current total production capacity of 196.000 tons per annum in Tangerang Plant. In 2013, our Subang Plant will start commencing with total production capacity of 350.000 tons per annum.

We provide the paper mill with sustainable energy independent by building an 11 MW gas turbine at Tangerang Mill and 25 MW at Subang Mill to secure its power needs. At the same time, PCP has used its waste heat as the feed for the boilers. Quality control is provided by professional technicians who closely monitor each production stage to maintain the highest quality standard. To ensure purity, both raw material and chemicals added are thoroughly checked, resulting in high paper paper strength. Our Company set its own standard for sustainability with an emphasis on environment, use natural resources in a responsible and sustainable way, reduce waste and recycle and converse energy. Futhermore, we are aware of the environment conservation such as taking all used cartons to be in order to be beneficial to the industrial development of the country as a whole.