Our goal is to reduce our impact on the environment as it is vital to a sustainable future and protect the quality of the environment that may be potentially directly or indirectly impacted by our operations.


We use waste paper as raw material and recycle them into various industrial paper products and utilize water treatment plant to produce an environmentally safe fluid waste stream and removing contaminants from waste water. We increase people’s awareness of the importance of preserving the environment through Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Here, at PCP, we believe that the future is our responsibility.



As a good corporate citizen,

PCP aims to make a real and positive contribution to the communities in which we operate. We are determined to build strong communities, good relationships and live in harmony with the surrounding communities. We committed to support charities.


Our goal is to make a positive contribution everywhere we do business. We regularly donate our profit to several activities such as religion activities, cultural activities, community health activities and general facilities. We also empowering people’s economy from scavengers, collectors, agents and suppliers… all the way to factory workers and owners, who make use of the wastes as resources and raw materials.”